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Governor Whitmer Appoints Bridgewater’s President and CEO Ronald E. Hall To New Growing Michigan Together Council

August 11, 2023

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced appointments for Workgroups to the new Growing Michigan Together Council. Bridgewater’s President and CEO Ronald E. Hall was selected to join the council! Please join us in the celebration of this incredible appointment!!

The #GrowingMichiganTogetherCouncil will utilize four workgroups, each with a specific focus area: 1) Infrastructure, 2) Jobs, Talent, and Economy, 3) Pre K-12 Education, 4) Higher Education. Members of the workgroups were chosen based on a variety of criteria, including past and present professional experiences, volunteerism, and philanthropic involvement.

The workgroup members were selected among hundreds of extremely qualified candidates to broadly represent diversity among Michiganders. The council aims to encourage a bipartisan voice to make important recommendations for the future of the state.

We truly look forward to the incredible efforts and legacy of this impactful council! Read more about this council here by clicking here.