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Read This Heartfelt Story On How Bridgewater Organized A Drive To Support Detroit Youth

August 5, 2022

At Bridgewater, our team loves coming together to support youth and the education systems in our local communities. In doing so, our hope is that we can help positively transform the lives of youth as well as help them to fulfill their greatest potential. This month, our Detroit Plant Manager Elena Jacob had an idea to host a drive to collect school supplies to support students at Maybury Elementary School, which is located near our headquarters.

Elena and our HR Manager, Tracy Jones, then organized and empowered our team members to support them in creating an impactful event for our Detroit community. For all of us, it was incredible to witness how many people came to support this initiative that ultimately ended up being a huge success!

After the event earlier this week, our team was humbled to deliver tons of school supplies to Maybury Elementary School – just in time for the school year. We truly hope the supplies will provide a wonderful academic year and learning environment for students!

We would like to give a huge shoutout to Elena for having this idea and for your hard work in making it become a reality. We are so proud of you! We also would like to thank everyone who supported this effort – your participation and support were outstanding! 😊



We have a heartfelt update on our recent team effort! In early August, the Bridgewater Interiors Detroit Team held a school supplies collection drive for Maybury Elementary School in Detroit, a local school located in a disadvantaged area near the plant.

The school principal provided a basic list of school supplies that families sometimes struggle to afford. Inspired by the cause, the Bridgewater team addressed this challenge head-on and made the collection drive competition between departments. Together, our team members collected 361 Notebooks, 8944 Crayons, 540 Folders, 272 Glue Sticks, 19 bottles of Elmer’s glue, 2813 Pencils, 760 Color Pencils, 834 Erasers, 128 Pens, 74 Markers, 85 Rulers, 364 pairs of scissors, 237 Pencil Sharpeners and 20 Lunch Bags. That’s 15,431 individual items donated!

Maybury Principal, Latisha Smith, was truly grateful for the donation and stated that she never imagined Bridgewater’s donation would be of this magnitude. Bridgewater’s Plant Manager, Elena Jacob, MBA, P.Eng, is already talking with the Maybury staff about other ways to support the school’s needs. 🙂

We’re so proud of our team and the positive impact they continue to make in our greater communities!