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CADIA Podcast: Bridgewater Leading Through A DE&I Lens

May 10, 2021

Throughout our history at Bridgewater, we have always been a champion of building a diverse workforce. We truly believe it is one of the keys to positively leveraging a company’s impact and consequently, our greater world.

In early May of 2021, Bridgewater Interiors President and CEO, Ron Hall, and Vice President of Human Resources and Community Affairs, Elaine Tingle, got the chance to discuss building a diverse culture with the Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion, and Advancement.

CADIA stands for the Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion and Advancement. According to those of the entity, it also happens to be the name of an underground goldmine in Australia. As a non-profit focused on diversity and inclusion in the automotive industry, CADIA works to help create an engaging, diverse pool of talent within the Automotive Industry.


Watch their conversation with CADIA as they share their insights on how to incorporate a DE&I culture into an organization so that it can thrive and create change by clicking here!