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COVID-19 One Year Later: Bridgewater President And CEO Reflects On Its Impact With Crain

March 9, 2021

The stark reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is evident. Some 520,000 Americans and nearly 16,000 Michiganders are dead. Businesses remain disrupted by the long tooth of the infectious disease that continues to prevent customers and workers from being in close contact without substantial safety protocols.

COVID-19 landed in America in late January 2020, but didn’t reach Michigan’s borders, at least officially, until March 10. The weeks before but particularly the eight days that followed were among the most tenuous for the state’s lever pullers.

In early March 2020, before the state’s first confirmed case, life was normal. Offices and factories remained open. Restaurants were serving hot meals and cold drinks from inside the walls.

But with the emergence of COVID-19, life has drastically changed.

Now, a year later, Bridgewater President and CEO Ronald E. Hall shares his reflections and experiences as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in a heartfelt conversation with Crain.

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