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See Our BWI Team Members Commit To The #MaskUpMichigan Pledge!

August 23, 2020

During the summer of 2020, the Detroit Regional Chamber launched the Keep Businesses Open #MaskUpMichigan campaign.

Those of the Chamber said, “As the representatives and advocates for business across the region, there is nothing more important we can do for business than to keep their doors open. The evidence is convincing. The most effective tool we all have to create the conditions for businesses to remain open is to wear a mask every time we are in public – especially when indoors. As part of a broader campaign led by the Chamber, we have initiated the #MaskUpMichigan Pledge, encouraging businesses and individuals to commit to wearing a face mask as appropriate.”

Bridgewater’s leadership team decided to sign up for the Mask Up Michigan Pledge to help support the Chamber’s campaign efforts, and to showcase that Bridgewater is committed to keeping our employees safe by following the safety protocols of Michigan’s leaders. See some fun photos showing our team’s commitment below!